Anna Bruno AKA Blog Nazi


Anna, AKA our "Blog Nazi" Photo by Miles Clark.

Once a week our blog deadline roles around and we find our selves scrambling to get our blogs finish in time just to go boating. This is because Anna won’t let us boat unless we get our weekly blog done for that day. Today is not my lucky day because just as I was about to put on the water, (not having posted my blog) Anna swoops in and tells me that I have to go finish a blog before boating today.

The sad part is there really is no arguing with her because she tells you a week in advance when your blog needs to be up. We all have different days we need to have our blogs up and mine is Friday. Every friday and she never forgets. I am scrabbling right now to finish this blog before lunch so I can get a quick play session in on the New NOC wave that was put in just two days ago, and get in more training for tomorrows competition!

One day I will appreciate all the work Anna does to make our blogs happen!

Eric Bartl Jackson kayak Team Member
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