Meet Your Gap Year Instructor Tino Specht

For high school grads and university students choose New River’s favorite program… Patagonia Gap Year.

Dates: October 18 to December 20, for more info email

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Meet Your Gap Year Instructor Tino Specht

If you could hire the perfect leader for an adventure program what would you ask in the interview process?  How would you filter that leader’s skills from other applicants who naturally show their best during an interview?

Tino Specht and his million dollar smile.

The answer to the above questions is a bit deceiving. You see Tino Specht was both a student and an intern at New River Academy. He’s been prepped, conditioned, and polished into the perfect role model/leader/teacher/coach all rolled into one guy.  That’s kind of a joke… Tino is a natural leader. But yes his program experience throughout Chile makes him even more of an ideal instructor. Plus he has four years teaching experience. Tino’s ever present passion for mastering video media combined with an emphasis on how to express compelling stories made him a naturally gifted instructor.

How does giving and volunteering lead students to winning jobs?

As a media production company owner Tino turns down more media work than he accepts. How did he rise to the top in such a competitive field? Tino mastered the school’s philosophy of networking and began volunteering video media work for programs like Zoar, Ottawa Kayak School, and New River Academy. Soon enough those programs were paying Tino for video projects and even going out of their way to help him secure coveted jobs with other companies via their endorsement network. Volunteer and quality work distinguished Tino from other bidding media production companies. In effect his giving of product created a network that few young minds realize the benefits.

Below Video Tino Scripts a Commercial Ad for Pucon Kayak Hostel

How will you script your story? What music, images, interviews and words will convey your message?

A Compelling Story is a Competitive Edge

Click for Tino Specht Vimeo Page

Have you ever heard a remarkable storyteller? You sit on the edge of your seat listening to what happens next. The plot goes up and down as you get excited and later relieved. Story telling is an art and storytellers have one thing in common. They understand how to evoke emotions and to get the listener, reader, or viewer to become involved. Progressively, Tino’s stories played out through images and scripted dialogue become more powerful. Tino has earned the reputation for quality video media work and the job offers keep coming.

Coach Tino Specht at the top of the "Cali-slide" on Pucon's Rio Nevado.

“Tino if I had it to do over again I’d be a doctor. You see doctors are one of the few professions where you can take your skill with you anywhere and make a great living. I’m tied to my properties…”Joe Kowalski, Owner Wilderness Tours and Ottawa Kayak School

Intelligent company owners want someone who can convey their story in a way that makes people want to experience their product. Tino took Joe Kowalski’s above quote to heart, he learnt and works toward mastering media production as his life craft. Now, Tino passionately shares his knowledge with gap year students.

Learning Media Productions… You’re the Social Media Generation

Professional video production is not easy. Beginners will randomly shoot shots and slap music to it, that’s the easiest level. The professional will meet with their client uncovering a story to convey, an intriguing way to present a product asking what words and interviews should apply.  As a professional you build this story via your images and the creative art project is often less than one minute.

You are the cyber generation. Video and photo media journalism are skills that will give you a career advantage.

Jumping to Safety?

It’s hard to write about Tino and not mention his influence on safety. Beginning with the first day Tino teaches safety first in effect setting the semester standard. Tino has rules like, “Show up to a rapid without your rope and you do 25 pushups.” Or “No shoes. No paddling.” The gap year student age is an age where students are in prime athletic and learning form. Meaning they can learn skills faster than their experience level. This is where an experienced safety instructor helps you understand decision-making and how to protect yourself.

What is Tino’s role within Patagonia Gap Year?

  • Media Journalism Instructor:  Photo and Video
  • Head Coach
  • Logistics and Leadership Instructor
  • Tino also teaches to those interested a wilderness survival and herbalogy course.

For high school grads and university students choose New River’s favorite program… Patagonia Gap Year.

Dates: October 18 to December 20, for more info email

Read… What ages can apply to Patagonia Gap Year.

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