Running the Green

The Green is probably one of the hardest runs we do with the school. It is a class 4+ creek filled with rocks, tight channels, and fun drops. It is a technical run made up of boulder gardens and fun slides. There are three bigger rapids on the run with one must-portage. Everyone ran the first big rapid called Zwicks. Some ran the second one, which is called Gorilla, where I took some photos. The third one, Sunshine, most of us walked expect for the people who have done the run many times such as Hunt Jennings, who was our guide for most of the run and some of the teachers.


The Green is one of Hunt’s home rivers in the heart of North Carolina so he is an expert on all the lines. The first day that the school ran it, he took only a small group to teach them all the lines and the rest of us hiked in to the river to see part of it. This part happened to be right near Gorilla and a fun slide rapid. It was really good to be able to see a few of the rapids and get a feel for the style of the river before being thrown on it. It was definitely different than anything I have run before. The biggest difference between this river and rivers that I’ve paddled before was that there were rocks everywhere!


Not everyone was allowed to run the Gorilla rapid because it is a big drop that potentially lands on rock. It also has a difficult entrance that could possibly flip you above the drop. Which could be really bad. Therefore, I decided not to run this rapid my first time on this river. Instead I took photos for everyone who did run it. After hiking in and seeing how picturesque the drop was I was sure not to forget my camera for this run. Many of the boys walked up multiple times for this photo shoot and just to get the thrill of running the rapid again or to improve their line. Here are some of the photos that I shot at the Gorilla rapid.

Some of the group scouting Gorilla.


Mike Patterson styling the drop; showing the students how it's done.


Kira is ready to rescue any swimmers or boats at the bottom of Gorilla.

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